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Captain's Bulletin

Member’s Availability Season 2018

We need to look ahead to help planning for next season in terms of teams, leagues and friendlies so I would be grateful if you could indicate when you would like to play next season.

We plan to enter the same league teams as 2017 but if there is enough interest we are also looking at a Thursday afternoon singles league team for the Ladies and another Wednesday afternoon team for the Gents.

Given the change in the Park’s rules there is also limited space for players of the other gender [2/team] which might help us to field a team.

The friendlies have been extremely well supported and in 2017 we had 5 extra friendlies compared to 2016 but it would still be useful to know in advance if this is an area of the Club’s activities that you will be looking to be involved in.

You should only sign up if you are committed to playing/being available on a regular basis. Being prepared to help if a team is short is helpful but it is not the basis of providing a team that can fulfil fixtures week in and week out. The options are as follows. Please email me or call me or add your name to the lists in the pavilion.

Monday am, Ladies Vets, singles. 2 teams. Park’s League.
Tuesday evening, 2 teams, singles, Sheffield and Hallamshire League.

Wednesday pm, Gents Vets, 1 possibly 2 teams, singles. Park’s League.

Thursday pm, 1 team, singles, Ladies, Park’s League.

Friday am, Ladies Vets Doubles, 2 teams, Park’s League.

Friday evening, 2 teams, mixed, singles and doubles, Works League.

Saturday pm/Thursday evening, Friendlies, Doubles, Mixed.

So that you have the overall picture remember that the Club competitions run through the summer from late May to early September although your involvement here does depend on how many competitions you enter and your success in them. As you can see, even without Club Day on a Saturday afternoon, there are many opportunities to play as much or as little as you want but if we are to run things successfully we need to have a clearer view of what members want in 2018

Wednesday Afternoon Ellse League: CHAMPIONS

Trevor has clarified and confirmed that we are the CHAMPIONS of the Ellse league on Wednesday afternoon.

The New Boiler:

The new boiler has been installed and it is very simple to use. The boiler is automatic. It fills up automatically and it heats up automatically. The only thing you need to touch is the tap at the front of the boiler to get the hot water. Do not fiddle with anything else.

 Autumn and Fox Poo ....

We are into Autumn and the gutters around the green fill up with debris. Should you ever feel the inclination to clear the gutters please do so but one word of warning. Mr. Fox is around. You may come across fox poo so use gloves/shovel or whatever. Do you still feel the inclination?

Best Wishes,

John Turner,
      Club Captain

Other Information

If any inexperienced members would like a roll up at a quieter time or a time at their convenience, please contact me (John Turner) and we will sort out a game. My mobile number is 07787554036 or email me.

As always general supporters are welcome at any Hallam Grange match. It is lovely to see people there.


   For all results see the Results Pages here.



    An ongoing reminder that in line with our do's and don'ts in the updated handbook, [and hard copies are in the pavilion], please continue to walk round the green in all matches rather than crossing the line of play. We all forget at times and most other teams have scant regard for it, but it is the Hallam Grange way.
    Also on the website is an Honours Board which has been updated from the records dug out by Liz Murray. These mostly go back to around 1997. If you are aware of winners previous to the earliest entry in the Rolls of Honour please can you let Roger Langdon know  (click to email or leave a note in the clubhouse) so these can entered onto the Honours Boards?




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