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Captain's Bulletin

Captain's end of 2018 Season Report

Drought!!! Every season brings its own special problems but no one envisaged- this summer's event. Nevertheless we managed - it and it provided challenges for us, as players that we probably have not encountered before.

Friendlies. 12 friendlies were arranged and 11 were played. The matches against Abbeydale and Fulwood were very successful, home and away. We have continued to revive the matches against De La Salle and the match against the Visually Impaired BC took place although they are beginning to struggle with numbers. The Ladies versus Gents friendly was a great success once again and is a very popular fixture in our calendar, many thanks to Anne and Pam for organising it. I am pleased to say that we had a very enjoyable weekend in Scarborough playing against North Cliff BC. I hope this will be repeated next season and we might add a day trip to the Waterloo - in Blackpool ---- the Wembley of bowling! The friendly against Todwick did not get off the ground this year. We had a very enjoyable afternoon at Tideswell in June but, for reasons that you know, the return fixture did not occur. At the end of the season the friendly against Tennis was very successful once again with the tennis players wanting to play on and on despite some rain. Unfortunately, it can't be said for the match against the rest of the club. 11 players were promised but only 4 turned up! Disappointing. I have always found this fixture difficult in terms of numbers but I thought we had turned the corner this year.

Overall the friendlies were well supported with a little push required every now and again and we had many enjoyable and keen afternoon/evening matches throughout the season.

Internal Club Competitions

We now have a good range of internal-competitions and they were all well supported. The Handicap Day involved 7 Finals and was played in fierce heat with one of the finals having to be played later in the week. The Open Finals day went well as did the Watson Trophy which was well organised by John, Jane and Pauline. This season we brought in 2 new competitions which have been well received. In April we had the inaugural Champion of Champions Trophy to kick off the season and in September, with the help of Diana Cameron, we had our first In-a-Yard Competition.

External Club Competitions

We now compete in 10 different Leagues and this may grow to 12 in 2019. The leagues have proved very popular and we have branched out into various Cup Competitions. The ladies competed in the Longley Handicap and the Jennie Burdell Trophy, The Gents entered the Ledingham Doubles losing to Academicals at Crookes Social and hence going into the Bingham Cup where they defeated Crookesmoor and Ridgeway before losing to Whiteley. The Gents also entered the Kever Waite trophy defeating Crookesmoor at Meersbrook Bowling Club before falling to Whiteley in the next round. We were also very pleased to participate in the Rose Bowl Competition involving Fulwood, Nether Edge, Abbey-dale and ourselves. The players acquitted themselves well and but for one match, which can happen, it would have been nip and tuck for second place. We won a number of matches and competed very well especially given that Fulwood and Nether Edge have Gents A teams that compete at a higher level than ourselves.

Social Bowling

This happened regularly throughout the season from the end of March until the end of September. Saturday afternoon Club Day is popular with 10-15 people turning up regularly and, on some occasions, 20+. This season we started the Wednesday am Social Club Day with 5-10 players turning up regularly sometimes more.


Winter bowling has commenced and thank you for your replies-for your availability next season which I will pass on. We now have 51 playing members hence we are considering extra teams on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Pre and Post season meals were well attended by both the Gents and Ladies and we had a successful Bring a Friend Day earlier in the season A big thanks for your fundraising efforts which shows what we can do in a short space of time when it is a worthwhile target such as building up the equipment we need to create and maintain a good playing surface. Through the work of Roger and Richard, the website and league positions are updated regularly giving a very professional outlook to our club. We hope to have a coaching session early next season with Alan Tizzard and if you want to be in the know for our club all you have to do is listen to Radio 2 and the regular contributions made by Dan Spivey.


My thanks to the team captains without whose valuable help we would be nowhere near the club we are. Special thanks to Stuart as vice-captain - such a committed and enthusiastic person and I wish him well over the next 2 years. An extra thanks to you all for Captain's Day which I have to say was the highlight of the season for me. Over 40 members turned out at the height of-the summer and I hope that Captain's Day becomes the main club event in our calendar.

That is just about it from me for this year and of course for my stint as Club Captain. Four years ago there was a window in my wider family commitments which wouldn't last so I was prepared to take the captaincy on and I am very pleased that I did so. I don't want to make a fuss so I won't say much. Over the last 4 years I have found out a lot about the history of the Club, recent and distant. I have come to know very many of you quite well and I count many of you as a friend --- I hope that you feel the same way. I don't know if progress has been maintained at the Club over the last 3 years but I have enjoyed being very active on behalf of the Club. I feel that I have given a lot of my time and effort to Hallam Grange and I have to say that I have been supported strongly throughout by Anne without whose help being Club Captain would have been both difficult and much harder work --- Thanks Anne --- as always we operate together.

I was very pleased to be asked to be the Club Captain 4 years ago and I have always tried to honour the trust you placed in me. Thank-you all for your clear and pretty much unflinching support, assistance, attitude and good humour everything that makes for a happy place - and for me, at least, Hallam Grange Bowling Club has been a happy place.

Best Wishes,

John Turner,
      Club Captain (2018)


Other Information

If any newer members would like a roll up at a quieter time or a time at their convenience, please contact me (John Turner) and we will sort out a game. My mobile number is 07787554036 or email me.

As always general supporters are welcome at any Hallam Grange match. It is lovely to see people there.

   For all results see the Results Pages here.




    An ongoing reminder that in line with our do's and don'ts in the updated handbook, [and hard copies are in the pavilion], please continue to walk round the green in all matches rather than crossing the line of play. We all forget at times and most other teams have scant regard for it, but it is the Hallam Grange way.  



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