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Clarification of Rule 4 of Crown Green Bowling Rules

At the Parks meeting on 14th Sept 2017 we were asked to draw all members attention to Rule 4 of crown green bowling rules – this is about calling for a measure on a short/long jack.


If  player A sends the jack out and player B thinks this is less than 19 meters or more than 36 meters (vets/ladies only) then player B can ask for a measure for length.  BUT PLAYER B CANNOT MAKE ANY COMMENT AT ALL ABOUT THE LENGTH OF THE JACK UNTIL THE WOOD SENT BY PLAYER A HAS STOPPED.  If player B makes any comment at all about the length of the jack before player A’s wood has stopped then player A is entitled to have the jack back and start the end again with player A having the jack.  Any comment goes from anything like I’m not sure that’s a length/ do you think that’s a length/call that a length/you are bowling too short or too long for me/ do you expect me to bowl to that etc etc.

A bit of history – originally the rule was that player B had to call a short/long length before player A had sent their wood and this caused a lot of problems of gamesmanship with people calling a short length because they did not want to bowl a particular mark, player A delivering the first wood so quickly that the length could not be challenged, disputes about whether the challenge or the  delivery happened  first etc.


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