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I should like to acknowledge the help and encouragement which has been freely given to me by many people as I researched the history of the first 50 years of the Hallam Grange Bowls club. I regret if there are any mistakes or omissions, and if so, responsibility is mine alone.

In particular, I am much indebted to the following people for the time and information given to me:

  • Andrew Hague

  • Brenda Ring

  • David Gee

  • Janet Stokes

  • John and Barbara Turner

  • Joy Gee

  • Marie and Brian Jackson

  • Muriel Burke

  • Pam Coates

  • Roy Darlison

  • Sydney and Marjorie Parke

  • Terry and Jean Durrant

  • Wendy Oxley

Also, my warm thanks are due to the writer and broadcaster, Rony Robinson, for kindly providing the Foreword to this book. And to Anne Taylor for all the splendid photographs she supplied me from which I have selected just a few to brighten up the contents.


Finally, the club is very grateful to the Crosspool Service Station for sponsoring the book, and to the printers ALO Print Ltd for its production.


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