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Ladies and Gentlemen - harken a while,
Sit back and relax at your ease, Kick off your shoes,
and loosen your belts.
But no forty winks if you please.

We've dined and we've supped, we've chatted and laughed,
We've enjoyed all this company gay,
And now it's my pleasure and privilege proud
To plead your indulgence and say -
I toast for continued success for our bowls,
Hope its members enjoy all their play,
That their skills are improved, their pleasure increased,
As they meet all the season through.

So raise your glasses as I make a "Roll"
And wish on behalf of us all,
That we ne'er grow too old or too tired to respond
When “Anyone for Bowls" is the call.

(Anonymous. Probably composed by a senior bowling club member in the 1970s)


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